Anna Loney – Loney Metal Works

Metal wares to wear, use, and enjoy

Presenting at
Lanesboro Community Center

202 Parkway Ave. South
Lanesboro, Minnesota

Phone: 507.467.2171



Metalsmithing is my discipline.  The aspect which most engages me is the forging of non-ferrous material.  What this amounts to is hammering on material like copper, sterling, and other materials which don’t have iron in their content.  Whereas a blacksmith works material in a hot state, I hammer the material while it is cold, using a torch to heat, anneal (soften) the metal if necessary.  These working principles apply to small wearable objects and larger sculptural ones in equal measure.  The balance, composition and technical facility required in the work are always important to me.  At the same time, I am drawn to everyday, even cast-off, inclusions in some of the work. I enjoy utilizing mechanical fasteners, the likes of rivets, staples, hardware to make attachments in some pieces. Things like riveted bridges, simple machines, and the way nature makes attachments(tendrils, roots, burrs), these inspire me.  I know there are disparate directions reflected by the work I show.  At some point I believe it will make sense to me, and perhaps to you too.