Erin Dorbin – Crystal Creek Canyon Lodge & Studio

Crystal Creek Canyon Lodge & Studio

5830 Oak Forest Lane
Houston, Minnesota 55444



Erin Dorbin is a passionate photographer, historian, and documentarian. Over the past decade, she has explored the landscape through a series of adventures to document the evolution of our built environment. Through these explorations, she has fully realized the significant role the landscape plays in shaping our identities and sense of community.

Erin began working exclusively with a large variety of film cameras—cameras that in many instances have been forgotten or discarded in today’s digital age—and fully embraced their distinctive qualities. While she continues to marvel at their ability to capture the environment in an unparalleled and emotive manner, she finally opened herself up to using digital in 2013. Erin continues to utilize a mix of formats and processes—from instant films to Instagram—to document and share her personal geography. Since 2011, she has published a series of four photographic zines that highlight images from her archive, accompanied by place-based narratives detailing her experiences behind the camera and on the road.

Erin relocated to Southeast Minnesota in 2014 and has since been inspired to create opportunities for rural arts development in and around Houston Co. At her property, Crystal Creek Canyon Lodge & Studio, she and her partner, Taylor, will be hosting a Citizen-Artist residency program beginning in May 2017 that invites artists, historians, and other creative folks to spend a week interacting with the Driftless region and create new works in their respective fields.