Joan Einsman – Studio on 6th Street

Mixed Media

Studio on 6th Street

628 6th Street
Winona, Minnesota 55987

Phone: 952.270.4097


I love the magic of transforming paper, canvas and other surfaces into  a work of Art.  The fact that it did not previously exist and came about through me is a thrill,  a feeling of accomplishment. One of a kind in a world of multiples is precious.

My visual language has developed over many years since childhood. As a child I did a drawing each week to send into a radio  program called  “Drawing to Music.” I continue to use music while I work.  It contributes to the shapes, color and rhythms.

My paintings and drawings are metaphors for several pursuits. They are colorful symbolic investigations inspired by world travel, history, psychology and personal experiences.  My current series are of mixed media utilizing watercolor, acrylic, oil sticks, pastels, inks and collage.  My paintings are not preconceived and are allowed to develop. They are built  upon multiple layers to achieve a feeling of depth.  The layers suggest  underlying form or shapes. The last strokes are usually linear and directional.  I use a variety of brushes and  tools including wooden sticks, chop sticks  and tree branches.  I  also paint  with both hands. The mediums vary from fluid watercolor to thick impasto paint to pastel.