Linda Quimby

Poured Resin Painting

Presenting at Old Crow Studio

40051 County 12
Lanesboro MN

Studio is handicap accessible with help


Artist Statement
My art is truly a reflection of my mood or feelings. I am a self-taught artist. My joy is experimenting with whatever medium I am playing with. This play-time is more therapeutic than strict adherence to a plan. I have the freedom to just immerse myself into the creative process. In the past, I have worked with several different art forms ranging from drawing, printmaking, pottery, and pastels. I currently work with epoxy resin painting. I find fluid painting a challenge because the products move in their own spirit so the outcome is somewhat out of my control. No matter how hard I try, I cannot create the same piece twice. Resin painting creates a beautiful glossy finish that when coupled with color and composition can provide stunning results.