Monta Gael May, MFA

Mosaic, Sculpture, Encaustic

Monta Gael May, MFA

854 W 5th Street
Winona, Minnesota 55987

Studio is not handicap accessible.

Phone: 507.313.3266



As a visual artist I have a diverse practice. I create mosaics using stone & rocks & fossils; slab, sheet & glass tile; abandoned & discarded objects. I paint with encaustic paints, making some of my own paint with the beeswax from my partner’s beehives. I create sculptural art and functional pieces in traditional and non-traditional ways.

I carry a sketchbook with me everywhere; I’d rather dance than just about anything; I lean left; and closest I can tell, I’m a humanist.

Justice and mercy weigh equally in my heart – a delicate, unquiet balance that keeps me on my toes…

My mother taught me to sew when I was 4. My dad taught me to use power tools when I was 6.

I am an interdisciplinary artist – I examine possibilities. I study the connections between art and life, context and concept, inspiration and artifact, design and message. I weave together my understandings, experiences and involvements into a fabric for my artwork. I spin the threads of my ever-changing awareness of ecology, history, sociology, archaeology, anthropology, earth science, gender & feminism, transcendence, music, science fiction, politics, mass media, workplace milieu and domestic life into rich material for art and design.

I am intrigued by process. Process is the journey; the work created, the destination – both are valuable but our world tends to aim our focus towards the product… I believe in examining the process as well.

I constantly look to blur the line between art and craft – a line that I see as a historically arbitrary social construction. I believe in questioning the status quo. Every single day…