Charlotte Fung Miller

Chinese Brush Paintings

Other than Bluff Country Studio Art Tour hours, this artist offers shopping by appointment only. Contact info below.

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Presenting at Lanesboro Community Center

202 Parkway Ave S
Lanesboro MN

Lanesboro Community Center is handicap accessible

Artist Statement
I, Charlotte Fung Miller am a Chinese American ,born in San Francisco Chinatown. I went to both Chinese school and public school daily. I learned how to use the brush & ink to read and write Chinese calligraphy which is the foundation for painting. I then took many years of private Chinese Brush Painting instruction in Chinatown. Moving to the midwest over 50 years ago, I started exhibiting at art fairs and started winning prizes. I have continued painting and exhibiting at mostly midwest art fairs all these years and enjoy sharing my heritage and knowledge of my form of art to everyone.