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Ann Ohotto Thompson


Exhibit Location

 County 8 Pottery
30258 County 8
Lanesboro MN 55949

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Contact Information

[email protected]

Ann Ohotto Thompson, Artist Bio

I am a potter, a gardener, and a tender of animals. I live in the country near the small town of Lanesboro in southeastern Minnesota. I work and sell my wares from my home studio where I live with my husband, a small herd of goats, a number of cats, and one big dog.
I have been working in clay for over 20 years. I currently create functional and sculptural hand-built ceramics out of red earthenware clay using slab construction.
I am inspired by a revolving list of things but am most consistently interested in old or vintage items including, buildings, dishes, containers, tinware, bottles and especially items with aged and worn
My work is highly textured and often finished with bright colors to which a black wash is added to give the appearance of that aged surface I love.

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