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Anna Loney

metal wares and jewelry

Exhibit Location

 Loney Metal Works
308 Elmwood St Rear (Accessible From Dupont St)
Lanesboro MN 55949


Handicap Accessible with help

Contact Information

[email protected]

Anna Loney, Artist Bio

Though my initial training as a metalsmith was in traditional jewelry and metal fabrication techniques, over about 35 years of work and play I’ve discovered a particular affinity for forms made of wire. Forming and forging are my primary means of working. I don’t cast or utilize cut stones.
Some pieces reflect my love of how things grow, or the time-worn surface of found pieces of metal, glass, even plastic. I feel good about finding a shard of pottery in the garden or metal from a scrap yard, discarded decades after its reason for being has gone away, and incorporating it in something in which you might find value, and beauty. Whimsy, simplification, and representative imagery can all show up in the forms I make.
A cross, heart, letter, treble clef, a star or moon – are inherently imbued with meaning. Can I make these in a way that lends interest, that reflects my vision? Well, that’s part of my mission. For 13 years since moving from Pittsburgh, PA, our Lanesboro studio has been home to my way of working and our entire family’s creative exploits. My daughter, Delia shows pottery at our studio during the tour and I feel truly fortunate that the creative urge that caught fire in me seems to have taken hold in another generation of makers.

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