Location #14

Ina Lasmane

Acrylic and mixed media

Exhibit Location

 Hosted at County 8 Pottery
30258 County 8
Lanesboro MN 55949


Handicap Accessible with help

Contact Information

[email protected]


Ina Lasmane, Artist Bio

Ina Lasmane is an abstract, intuitive artist/painter from Minnetonka, MN. Ina’s art is about freedom of expression and enjoyment of painting without a plan. The painting process, for Ina, is more important than the outcome. A painting is done when it feels done. Some paintings take a long time, yet others come together very quickly. Ina enjoys layering, uncovering, and covering up until she finds something intriguing. Her main medium is acrylic with mixed media like pens, pencils, markers, and water-soluble pastels. Ina enjoys experimenting with colors, shapes, textures, and marks. Her goal is to create art that is personal, genuine, and non-cliché. Ina’s art is always evolving. The 2022 artwork has been about experimentation with color and movement. Ina’s influences include Nancy Hillis, Picasso, Miro, and Gerhard Richter, to name a few. Ina is drawn to bold, courageous, and genuine  expression.

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