Location #13

Kelly Puent

Mixed Media Painting

Exhibit Location

Imperfection Studio
26503 245th Ave
Fountain MN 55935


Kelly Puent, Artist Bio

I am an artist who has lived in Southeastern Minnesota for more than 20 years. I was an art teacher for 19 years, and work in the mental health field now, along with creating my own artwork. I enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Southeastern Minnesota. I find that reflects often in many of my artworks along with just enjoying images that are whimsical and playful in both subject matter and in material choices. I create mixed media paintings using materials such as acrylic or oil paint on wood with the addition of stained glass, sometimes sharpie marker, and other varieties of materials such as spray paint, shells, glass pebbles, and natural objects. I often frame my own work by altering simple wood frames, by creating
my own frames out of materials such as old barn wood, and some of my work requires no frame at all. It’s not unusual for my work to protrude beyond the frame, and my works that are unframed often have an organic finished edge. Most of my work has a strong emphasis on color and movement, and my subject matter ranges from from abstracted images to flowers, landscapes, animals and portraits. Much of the inspiration for my artwork comes from the beauty I see in my own gardens, in the rolling landscape of southeastern Minnesota, and in the people whom I care about most.

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