Lori Hungerholt - Root River Baskets

Fiber Art

This artist location is open year around by appointment and has online shopping available. Contact info below.

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Root River Baskets

308 W Center St
Rushford MN

Showroom is handicap accessible

My interest in basket making came to be when we moved to Rushford 10 years ago. The beauty of this driftless area with its colors in the water, the woods, and the fields inspire color choices that change with the seasons. Each basket has an attached stone with a NATURAL hole from the Root River found while kayaking and stopping along the rock bars that beg to be searched. Each year brings new shapes or styles of baskets, but now after 11 years, most shapes I make are on purpose and not by accident. Although the accidents tend to be the most unique! Being a practical person, I like to create practical art. The baskets keep things organized while adding a dash of beauty to your home. The new backpack I created for 2020 is definitely walking art, both beautiful and functional.