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Mary Denzer

hand thrown & hand built high fired stoneware pottery

Exhibit Location

 Seven Bridges Pottery
7246 Chisholm Rd
Houston MN 55943


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Contact Information

[email protected]

Mary Denzer, Artist Bio

All the stoneware and porcelain from Seven Bridges Pottery is handmade by Mary Denzer. Clay is wheel thrown or rolled into slabs for hand building. Pottery is fired to cone 10 (2400 F.) in a gas kiln. Glazes are lead free. Whether you acquire a vase, teapot, bean pot, colander, casserole, mug, or dinnerware set the ware is all ovenproof, dishwasher safe, and microwaveable. The most common clay can be transformed into the most uncommon pot. Each pot is a durable witness to the time of its creation

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